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Greece and its products: flavors and scents which belong to the cooking culture of the Mediterranean basin. In these pages there is room for worldwide known products but also for less known ones, such as the typical resinated wine and the mastika, with its therapeutical properties, a specialty of Hios island. In addition, you will also find some details about the Greek coffee and the ouzo, the best known and appreciated alcoholic Greek drink all over the world.

Such events like the annual cinema review Ecofilms, the folk dances, sound and light and curiosities concerning not only Rodos but Greece as a whole: music, gastronomy, Mediterranean cuisine, typical games and much more. Moreover, you will find some pages about particular themes to be investigated, such as the Colossus of Rhodes, the history of which is told trying to shed light on its mysteries. Special event: Rodos is proud to have hosted for the first time in Greece the XII Island Games, Rhodes 2007.
Useful direct links to pages with mainly introductory or specific contents about Rhodes: history, morphology, map and weather. Read the pages introducing the wonderful old town of Rhodes, world cultural heritage of UNESCO. Take a virtual tour of the beautiful thermal centre of Kalithea. We suggest you to set off on your virtual journey through Rhodes, starting from these pages.

On these pages you will find some special offers, even last minute , available on line by major tour operators. Check for flights to Rhodes, hotels, accommodation, car rentals and holiday offer. Check also our proposals concerning houses or flats to let, small hotels and pensions in the old town of Rhodes. This website could provide a great help in choosing your accommodation in Rhodes. Here you find a good hotel prices comparison and it is easier to find out the best price!. Check the pages dealing cruise ships, ferry boats arriving and departing from Rodos. Travellers to the island can select from a number of low cost airlines including the range of flights to Rhodes provided by several operators.

Geographic coordinates:
Lat. 36 north/Long. 28 east
130.000 inhabitants
Average temperatures:
20°-30° in Summer ; 8°-15° in Winter
Time zone:
Distance from Athens:
434 kms.
Phone prefix:
0030 Greece 22410 Rhodes
Mobile phones:
Rhodes, Rodos in Greece. This website has been created with the purpose to collect as much information as possible concerning the island of Rhodes in Greece. The information provided by this website aim at meeting the needs of people having different purposes: supplying a full picture of Rodos island to those who venture for the first time in a virtual discovery; giving a practical help to those who are planning to travel to Rhodes; giving a useful information support to those who are already living in the island. You will find pages about: historical notes, geographic information, general news in Greek, advice for those who are looking for houses, lodgings in general, hotels, pensions, apartments, flats, beaches, restaurants, clubs, discos, map and weather forecast. This is a developing website, it has just been set up. It is constantly brought up to date and enriched with new material, enjoy this virtual trip and see you soon in Rodos Greece...NEW! Visit the beautiful island of Halki.

Rhodes Greece, Island Of Rhodes. Rodos.

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