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The herbs, which are picked up by most Greeks in the mountains or in the countryside, are renowned for their taste, flavour and good properties. While eating one of the famous Greek dishes, you will be ravished by the flavour of origan, thyme, mint or rosemary. And don’t forget to taste the Greek cheese, too, especially the “feta”. Since in Greece lambs and goats gaze freely and pastures are particularly rich in herbs, the meat of these animals has a unique taste, which is impossible to find in any other part of the world. Furthermore, the Mediterranean fish is much more tasty than the Ocean fish. In the Aegean and in the Ionian Seas the water is crystalline clear and full of fish.

The time of the day when the Greeks meet around a table to taste a meal including different little dishes accompanied by Ouzo is devoutly lived by all the inhabitants of this country. In the Greeks’ mind, sharing the meal time with a friend, whether at home or in a restaurant or in a pub, is an important social matter. In ancient times the Greek word Symposio meant drinking in company.

Try to drink a glass of wine or ouzo, with a grilled polyp or any other Greek dish, sitting in the shadow of a tree, in a little inn on the sea, in one of the Aegean islands. Then, when you are back home, try to repeat this experience, preparing the same dish and serving the same drink. No matter where you will decide to taste them, you will soon find out that in any other place they have not the same taste. And don’t try again, there is nothing wrong in the sensitiveness of your palate or in your cooking skills. The experience of Greek cooking, that is the combination of what you eat and where you eat cannot be repeated, exported or duplicated. It is something you can find, try and taste only in Greece, as well as the blue colour of the Aegean Sea.
Greek food

The Greek cooking has four secrets: fresh ingredients, the wise use of herbs and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and its simplicity. The Greek olive oil deserves a special attention. Always present in nearly all Greek dishes, and most often in large quantity, it is of excellent quality and extremely healthy. Then, we find herbs and spices. Thanks to the mild Greek climate, there is no need to use particular systems of rapid growth of vegetables. All vegetables grow in a natural way and they are tasteful and full of flavour. You will be delighted by the taste of the Greek tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, onions, basil and garlic, not to speak about the flavour of fresh fruits: grapes, apricots, peaches, cherries, melons, water melons, etc.
Greek food
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