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Tourists of every nationality, age and character spend their time off tasting refreshing drinks in one of the so many coffee houses in Rhodes, Trianda and Faliraki. In these places, music of any kind is played,: from live music to rock and roll, from disco music to pop and Greek music. And don’t worry if you get there too late, because the real night life in Rodos starts very late! For those who don’t love clubs and like to have fun by doing something in a more relaxing way with some friends, two cinemas can be found in Rhodes town, the Metropole and the Palace, which screen recent or from archive films. All their movies are in the original language, with captions in Greek language. One of the best shows cheering up the nights on the island is Sound and Lights, which tells with music, dances and light effects the history of the island during the period of the Knights of St. John. For those who want to approach to Greek music, the Buzouki clubs in Rodos offer live Greek music all evenings. In those places you will find all the Greeks you want: for women the evening dress is a must; for men, a full wallet! An evening in a Buzouki may actually turn to be rather expensive: between 100 and 300 euros for one or two bottles of wine, added to the cost of the flowers (to be thrown on the singers as a sign of approval). Unfortunately, for several reasons, breaking dishes is not allowed any more, but the buzouki is still an exciting place, especially for those who like spending their money as water!

And for those who look for a different kind of excitement, there is a Casino in Rhodes town with a 3500 surface distributed on two floors. Upstairs you will find a private hall accessible by a lift placed on the ground floor in the Vip Hall. The ground floor houses most of the tables and machines.: 30 tables and 300 slot machines altogether. The Casino is open 24 hours for slot machines , while the tables are available from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. during the week-ends. The Grand Hotel of the Roses is situated next to Elli beach, in Rodos town. Good luck!

Fun in Rhodes

For so many people, Rhodes means sun, sea and very fine beaches. For other people it means tasty salads, olives and feta. But Rodos also means music, fun and dances. The night life of this island is well known all over Greece. If you are wondering how spending your holiday nights on this island, you can just take your pick. Rhodes can actually offer you whatever you like during your stay. From romantic walks on the beaches to evenings in one of the so many coffee houses or clubs scattered on the island. When in Rodos, you feel that the town never sleeps. When the sunset gives room to darkness, Rhodes starts living its night. No other island in Greece gives you so many chances of leisure time as Rodos. Night life in Rhodes offers you a lot of excitement and you soon realize that you can not only find variety but also fair prices.

Leisure, time off in Rhodes
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