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The collachium
This area includes Knights’ Str. And the Great Master Palace From the new town of Rhodes, the mainaccesses are d’Amboise Gate and Eleftherias Gate: The former one, which from Demokratias leads to the palace, was commissioned in 1512 by the Great Master d’Amboise. The Eleftherias was built by the Italians and it leads from Eleftherias to Platia Symì. Here a vaulted passage stretches as far as the Apelloù.

The Mosque of Solyman the Great
The red mosque was built in 1522 to celebrate the victory of the sultan against the Knights of Rhodes. Restored in 1808 with original material of the age, it still remains one of the most wonderful attractions of the town. Its minaret, splendid but unsafe, was eliminated in 1989, and the once glorious mosque is now going to collapse. It is closed to the public for repairs.

The Hammam
The Turkish bath, was commissioned by the pasha Mustafà in 1765: For decades a relaxing place of the western aristocracy, it is now attended by the Greeks, tourists and the Turkish minority. Absolutely necessary to bring towels and soap with oneself.

The Jewish quarter
On the west side of Hippocrates Square the Bourg encloses the Ovriakì, the Jewish quarter from the I century B.C. to the German occupation of Rhodes in 1944, when the inhabitants were deported to Auschwitz. Going forth eastwards along Aristotelous,, you get to Plateia Evraion Martyron Jewish martyrs square), entitled to the memory of the victims of the nazi camps of concentration. In the middle of the square, a bronze fountain in the shape of a sea-horse and on the north side the Admiralty: a solemn medieval building. The synagogue has its seat in Simioù.
The old town of Rhodes
The bourg
The labyrinth of streets in the Bourg starts from Socratus, the crucial point of bazaar-styled shops, which open to shady squares, with coffee houses and open air inns.

The architecture is a mixture of neo-classical, medieval and southern styles. Among the countless houses with staggering wooden balconies, the Ottoman mosques stand out.

Among all the attractions listed before, don’t miss the Hospice of the Italian Nation (1392), on Kistinioù, and the Penagia tis Nikis (our Lady of Victory), which was erected by the Knights in 1480, after that the apparition of the Virgin Mary miraculously led to the victory against the Turks.
The old Town of Rhodes
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