Rodi GreciaIsola di Rodi
They were the wines of Chios and Thaso islands, renowned all over the Old World. For different historical and social reasons, and because of disastrous natural events, the art of making wine was neglected starting from the middle XIX century until the early 1960s. That was the time when the old tradition of making wine was rediscovered and nowadays it is possible to find on the market so many excellent Greek wines, which are produced all over the country.

When tasting a Greek wine, yoy have to keep in mind that it is the product of a different environment and of grapes of different quality, unknown to all the western wine-loving. Greek wines are divided into four different classes: controlled origin denomination wines; superior quality origin denomination wines, local wines and table-wines.

The ancient people of Rhodes, followers of Hermes Kerdos, the god of profit, knew well the value of trade, a fact proven by various historical sources. Because of the favorable location of Rhodes, near the Asian continent and point of contact between the Greeks and the eastern populations, its importance for the trade in Hellenic world was enormous, considering its small size.

Rhodes was known for being one of the first Aegean islands to practice the cultivation of grapes and by applying the process of vinification. Supported by its naval power, in the middle of the seventh century, Rhodes became the most famous wine market in Greece, this fact brought to the island incredible fortune and wealth.

Archaeological discoveries, inscriptions and ancient manuscripts are the main sources of information about the wine trade in rhodian ancient times. Thanks to this prosperity of findings we know today that amphorae and terracotta pots were used primarily to transport and sell the wine of Rhodes along with other products such as olive oil, olives and dried fruit. The amphorae were produced in a variety of shapes and colors. These characteristics help us to distinguish their origin. All amphorae were built with narrow necks so they could be sealed. The findings lead us to the conclusion that this type of amphora were built since the seventh century BC.
Besides giving birth to Dionysus, the god of sea, Rhodes and the rest of Greece is the native land of VQPRD wines in history.
History of wine in Rhodes
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